Capsinol – Natural nasal spray based on capsaicin pepper

• Chronic & Occasional congestion
• Chronic Sinus symptoms
• Cluster & Migraine headaches and headaches associated with sinus congestion
• Helps fight sinus infections especially when taken at the first sign of a cold
• Aids vascular blood flow through the sinus cavity and head region

Promotes normal sinus drainage and does not dry out your nasal passages. Capsicum extract is a natural derivative of hot peppers. Capsicum is made up of natural Capsaicinoids, with the most prominent being Capsaicin. Capsaicinoids instantly affect the tiny nerve fibers inside the nasal passages causing them to release allergens and other foreign substances including bacteria. Capsaicinoids also deplete chemicals in the human body that cause inflammation and pain. Once Capsicum enters the nasal passages, the result is an instant clearing of congestion, pressure and headache pain.

Capsinol nasal spray is a Class-1 medical device.

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