Which Capsinol formula is right for you?

Choosing the right formula is not an exact science; each person and each nose may respond differently. Nevertheless, we can provide you with some pointers to help you choose.

Original formula

This is the most effective formula, suited especially for those who experience chronic colds, a runny nose or other nasal problems. This formula is extremely spicy. If you can handle spiciness, this is the formula for you. We recommend first-time users to start with the mild formula.

Mild formula

When in doubt, choose the mild formula. This one is spicy as well, but less intensely so. It allows you to grow used to the hot sensation caused by the pepper. If you suffer from hay fever, we recommend this formula. Feverfew, a medicinal herb said to allay symptoms of hay fever, is added to the mild formula. Because of the feverfew, this formula should not be used by pregnant women.

Both formulas are 100% natural, may be used for a longer period of time and do not damage the nose in any way.

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