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For as long as I can remember I have been struggling with a nose that closes too much and inappropriately. It is not an allergy but a reaction to temperature changes, moisture, exercise and so on (chronic cold). As a result of all the sniffling, often forehead cavity inflammation and if it was not, closed ears and a middle ear infection.

The ENT doctor prescribed me Flixonase and later Avamys, which eventually had to be taken daily. And if I stopped for a while, I soon started sniffling again, etc. etc.
The unpleasant idea that I would have to take this drug with corticosteroids for the rest of my life made me look for alternatives: acapuncture, a Chinese doctor and bio resonance. This all helped temporarily.

Peppers for stuffy noses

At one point I remembered a comment from a friend long ago who spoke about the discovery of red peppers as a remedy for stuffy noses. And after some googling, I ended up on the Capsinol site. And ordered a bottle of Capsinol Original to try.

This went very well.

First time Capsinol
The first time I used it, the Capsinol Original, was not too bad: it stung, but doable. I am now completely used to it and enjoy using it.

The complaints decreased noticeably from the start. And now, after a year and a half, everything has become much ‘calmer’, I have no more sinus infections and ear infections and my nose is quite open.
I have not used Avamys for a long time, Capsinol on the other hand usually daily and / or when necessary.

I am very happy with it.