Research into the effect of red red pepper.

Much research has already been done into the effect of red pepper in chronic nasal complaints, such as a cold, a stuffy nose or a runny nose. Especially for chronic nasal complaints where there is no question of allergy (ie idiopathic rhinitis), a treatment with capsicum (red pepper) offers an effective solution for many people.

Mar 18th 2021

Nasal spray made from CHILLIES could be the answer to a persistent blocked nose, research suggests


Hyper-reactivity and capsaicin treatment

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Non-allergic inflammation of the nose (hyper-reactivity) and the treatment with capsaicin (pepper extract)

… In 1995 a new study with capsaicin was done in 25 patients. Nine months after treatment, these patients had demonstrably fewer complaints. No adverse effects of the pepper spray on the smell or the nasal mucosa were found. These findings have also been demonstrated by other researchers.

Nasal spray addiction

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Addicted to nasal spray? You can get rid of it. Alex Siepman presents several options to you, including Capsinol nasal spray.

Feverfew reduces migraines

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The Mild Formula contains feverfew. This substance could provide relief for several health complaints. A extensive article about this.