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“How does a cold and / or nose complaints arise?”
Colds are caused by a virus. There are many different ones in circulation, which are easily picked up when the resistance is slightly lowered. Nasal complaints in general can have various causes. Most complaints are caused by (cold) viruses and allergies, but there are also people who have a chronically blocked or runny nose, without an identifiable cause for this.

“What does Capsinol nasal spray do, why does it work?”
Capsinol contains capsaicin as the main active ingredient. This is the substance that provides the hot feeling in red pepper. It has been medically shown that capsaicin helps with (chronic) nasal complaints.

* Reduces mucus production
When the capsaicin is administered, it inhibits the overactive nervous system, causing the mucous membranes to shrink and return to normal mucus production. This way you can breathe freely again through the nose.

* Long lasting effect
In addition, the capsaicin in the nasal spray ensures that the nervous system becomes less sensitive to external influences, so that you are less likely to suffer from a blocked nose or other nasal complaints. This beneficial effect can even last up to a year.

“Pepper-based nasal spray doesn’t hurt ..?”
It can be a shock, especially the Original Formula is really tough. You get used to the feeling when you use Capsinol more often.

“That pepper, is it healthy to spray in your nose?”
Yes, you can spray the pepper in your nose without any problem. It has been medically shown that there are no harmful effects with the administration of capsaicin.

“I have a cold. Does Capsinol nasal spray help?”

Colds are caused by a virus, the virus itself does not dissolve Capsinol. Capsinol can reduce / resolve the symptoms of a cold, such as a stuffy or runny nose.

“I am addicted to nasal spray, will this solve my addiction?”
Capsinol has already helped many people from their nasal spray addiction. Capsinol has a constructive effect, so it may take a little longer for the nose to be released. It works best to reduce the addictive nasal spray and to build up the use of Capsinol.

“I often suffer from blocked cavities and pressure in the forehead, does Capsinol help?”
Capsinol can indeed provide relief from such complaints, but this has not been medically researched. We regularly hear from Capsinol users that it reduces the pressure in the head, making the complaints more bearable.

“My child has a cold very often, can I take Capsinol?”
We recommend using Capsinol from 12+ and starting with Mild. As a parent, preferably also test it yourself first. In fact, Capsinol Mild, Original and Extra Strong are all really spicy. Some find it perfectly doable, others find it too spicy. The Hay fever/allergy formula and nasal oil are very gentle to use and can also be used for children (6+).

“Can I buy this (or a comparable) nasal spray in the store?”
Capsinol is the only red pepper-based nasal spray available in the Netherlands. Because sales go through wholesalers, we unfortunately do not know exactly which stores have it in stock (unless they have indicated this to us). Most pharmacies can at least order it for you.