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Capsinol Original Formula

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Capsinol Original Formula is the most popular Capsinol formula.
When you first use Capsinol, you will experience the hot feeling of the pepper. This hot feeling lasts for a few seconds and decreases (through habituation) with regular use. The effect of the capsaicin does not decrease, it is actually constructive.

We therefore recommend using the nasal spray for a longer period of time, at least 2 weeks, three times a day for good results.

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Water, Sodium Chloride (1.1%), Xylitol (1.1%), Eucalyptus globulus leaf tincture, Capsicum annuum tincture (with capsaicin), Potassium sorbate (preservative).


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6 reviews for Capsinol Original Formula

  1. batricevic00

    I have vasomotor rhinitis for quite a few years now, and i had quite a lot problems with it. After prolonged period of time on steroids i have decided to try capsinol spray after reading a study on effects of capscain. I think it was the best decision in my life since of just two weeks of use i feel way better, and for the first time in few years i can breathe freely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • Capsinol

      Thank you for your wonderful review. Great to hear that capsinol benefits you so much.

  2. Danny

    Capsinol works really well for me. My postnasal drip which has been a great problem over the years has more or less stopped thanks to using the spray. Great product!

  3. Thomas

    I love your products!

    Thank you for saving my nose from a serious nasal spray addiction. I though I would need surgery. But I think I can do it with your spray. Been using it for one week now.

  4. Anna

    I want just to leave a note to say that Capsinol Original formula worked very well for my nose problem. No watered eyes at all. A good sensation of a non-stuffed nose like no other medicine have gave me since I started having this sinus problem. I am cleaning my nose with a saline solution everyday and when felling the nose is a bit stuffed I use capsinol (Spraying 2 times in each nostril once a day). Thanks!

  5. Margaret Harwood

    HOORAY! for Capsinol. I have been suffering with bouts of cluster headaches for over 30 years, Lasting from a few weeks to months on end. After using the mild formular for 4 or 5 days, these debilitating headaches are subsiding. No pain for 2 days. Many thanks

  6. Anthony

    great product which actually works, many thanks!

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