Capsinol nasal spray

Capsinol – The natural nasal spray based on capsaicin pepper

Capsinol is an entirely natural nasal spray, containing ‘capsaicinoids’ as the main active ingredient. Capsaicinoids are constituent parts of hot peppers (Capsicum). Medical research has shown that capsaicinoids inhibit the overactive nervous system. They instantly affect the tiny nerve fibres inside the nasal passages causing them to release allergens and other foreign substances (including bacteria). Because of this, less mucus is produced in the nose. Furthermore, the resistance of the nasal mucosa is being built up. Especially people with chronic nasal complaints, for example nasal congestion or a running nose without an apparent cause (idiopathic rhinitis), benefit from Capsinol nasal spray. The affectivity of capsaicinoids can last for a year.

• Helps against nasal congestion or a running nose
• Can be used on a frequent basis
• Makes the nasal mucosa less sensitive to foreign substances (including bacteria)
• Clears nasal congestion or a running nose
• Relieves sinus pressure
• Harmless for the nose
• 100% natural nasal spray

ATTENTION: Although the decrease of complaints may be experienced immediately, it may take up to two weeks to reach the desired effect. It takes time to increase the resistance of the nasal mucosa.

Capsinol nasal spray is a Class-1 medical device.

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