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Linda : My complaints go back to when I was about 16-17 years old. Always catching a cold, quickly constipated and a lot of nosebleeds. In addition, also had many ear infections and quickly prone to laryngitis. I was only referred to ENT via my general practitioner years later after I got a lot of headaches on top of all the complaints. Almost chronic headache, inability to bend over without a thumping feeling and when climbing stairs, running or bumps in the road with cycling or driving, pain and pressure in the sinuses and forehead. For that I received several nasal sprays … Each time I tried and if one didn’t help, I got another. For example for allergies, inflammation, etc. Beclometason, Rhinocort, Nasonex, Syntaris are some of the products I have tried.

Multiple interventions

Over the years I have had several procedures. First an operation under anesthesia to remove polyps and cysts from my sinuses. Then remove polyps dozens of times under local anesthesia that kept recurring. Sometimes they were so long that they showed up in my nose. After another few years of muddling around, I had a major operation in which my nose shot was filed down, nose bone broken and straightened, the spaces of the sinuses were widened and everything in the sinuses was cleaned. There were 6 cysts and 7 polyps.

Removal of polyps and mucous membrane

This remained good for a number of years (3/4) but then got worse again and the local anesthetic operations came again for the necessary maintenance and removal of polyps … After that became an impossible task, another operation was proposed in which all my mucous membranes were removed. This by drilling a hole in my jaw just above my teeth to get to it. This mucous membrane could then grow back healthy. One last attempt to eradicate the polyps and cysts. This operation has had a big impact on me. It left me with permanent pain in my cavities and again it only helped for a short time. After about a year and a half I got complaints again.

Addicted to children’s nose spray

Finally with a nasal spray “Fluticasone propionate” some relief. But became chronically addicted to Otrivin children’s nose spray because I really can’t sleep with a full nose … Gave up the hope that a product would be developed that would help because I have really tried everything in the past 14 years ….

“If it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt”

And then I ended up at Capsinol via via. I went googling to find information but it was still in its infancy at the time … And there were some experiences online, but I always take them with a grain of salt because manufacturers can also work with fake profiles. My ENT doctor didn’t know much about it either, but indicated; if it does not work, it does not harm. Because every day otrivin is also not a good plan.

So I bought 3 bottles. The kids version, normal version and the mild version.

Capsinol all variants

I started with the children’s version. I was a bit apprehensive after all the misery inside that it could be very raw and broken and to spray red pepper against it now …

After the first bottle I got used to the feeling but I still kept using Otrivin because it didn’t take all the pressure off. The pepper gave a light burning sensation, but not unpleasant. So switched to the mild version. It was slightly stronger but still did not give sufficient results for me. Eventually I started using the Original and gradually it gave more and more results. In the beginning it really gave a bang, watery eyes and a very violent arrival, but nowadays I no longer suffer from that. You get used to it.

The result

And I spray a lot, a lot … Several times a day. Because my nose really clogs up quickly, it irritates and I quickly have allergic reactions, and Capsinol provides good support. It is not 100% effective for me, and I do not expect that either. Too much has happened in my nasal passages and my body is too sensitive that I don’t benefit from just 1 product. So in the winter months I have the anti-inflammatory spray and when I have a real cold, the Otrivin. But I started using it a lot less and I think that is pure profit. In principle, I can manage well with Capsinol on a daily basis and I benefit a lot from it. The Original is now the only one I use, because it is the strongest and therefore the best variant for my complaints.