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nasal spray addicted. Capsinol nasal spray offers a solution

Nasal spray addicted… pepper in your nose!

Oscar (part 1): I have been addicted to nasal spray for at least 11 years. I found out recently when I looked at a photo from 2004 and saw a bottle of nasal spray on the table. To help others I like to share my personal story about how I got addicted to nasal spray […]

sinus inflammation capsinol

Sinus inflammation, sinus inflammation and severe headache

Trees: After years of wandering, at least 3 to 4 times a year, along steam baths, paracetamol, hundreds of handkerchiefs, nasal sprays, lying in bed for hours with severe headaches, as a result of sinus inflammation and inflammation of the sinuses, so that I regularly had to absent from work, and many antibiotics, I discovered […]

nasal spray addicted. Capsinol nasal spray offers a solution

Nasal Spray Addicted: Pepper in Your Nose … (Part 2)

Yes, you can see it right. It’s time for part 2! Earlier this year I wrote about it my very first experiences with Capsinol … pepper in your nose. On the Facebook page From Capsinol it then went loose and my review led to quite a few reactions, mostly positive, sometimes hilarious and (for me […]

swollen nasal mucous membranes

Singer Louisa had been suffering from swollen nasal mucous membranes for years

Louisa – For a long time – actually for years – I had problems with swollen nasal mucous membranes that made breathing less easy. There was also always inflammation in the back of the nasal cavities. I am a professional singer and therefore it was very difficult that at the back of the nose, near […]

Nasal polyps and runny nose

Nasal polyps and continuous runny nose due to rhinitis

Sidney: I am Sidney, 36 years old and I have suffered from allergies and other ENT problems since I was 13 years old. I am a passionate deep sea diver and as a diver your cavities should be in good health. Polyps For more than 10 years I have the condition PNS: nasal polyps phase […]

Cold and stuffy nose every time

Always a cold, stuffy nose and headache

Linda : My complaints go back to when I was about 16-17 years old. Always catching a cold, quickly constipated and a lot of nosebleeds. In addition, also had many ear infections and quickly prone to laryngitis. I was only referred to ENT via my general practitioner years later after I got a lot of […]

capsinol nasal spray

First experience with Capsinol nasal spray – Monique filmed it

Monique sent us the email below with a video of her first experience with Capsinol nasal spray. So really the first time she uses Capsinol. We would like to share these. It gives a good idea of how the pepper in the nose is experienced in the beginning. 🙂 Hola, I just saw that you […]

After 1.5 weeks of Capsinol nasal spray – Monique shares her experience (part 2)

Monique very regularly suffers from sinus complaints, such as swollen nasal mucous membranes. She also suffers from light sensitivity as a result. Earlier she showed us how she used the first time experiencing Capsinol (part 1) . Now a week and a half later, she talks about the first results. Has she already noticed a […]

Chronic cold

Chronic cold, I just had to learn to live with it

Mylene: I have been suffering from idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold) for 10 years. This started around my 30’s ste , I suddenly got a bad cold. Since I never had a cold before, I thought it had something to do with the respiratory tract, or that it might be a certain allergy. I went to […]

to sneeze

Sneezing, my nose reacts to everything. Capsinol helped.

To sneeze Laurence: I have a chronic (idiopathic) cold. When a man with strong aftershave walks past me, I immediately start to sneeze. Not just once, but several times in a row. My nose is very sensitive to everything. An unpleasant smell or certain temperature differences already cause a sneeze. Am I walking into a […]