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common cold

Colds a tea recipe that helps with mild or moderate complaints

If you have a cold more often than usual or even have a chronic cold, then Capsinol is an excellent natural remedy to combat those (chronic) colds. But do you suffer from a light or a common cold? Then we have here for you a good and natural recipe of a natural tea that will […]

Capsinol helps against migraines

Does Capsinol Help Against Migraines?

Does Capsinol Help Against Migraines? That is not an easy question to answer. Migraine is a disorder of the nerve pathways in the brain. An attack begins when, for an unknown reason, parts of the brain become disrupted. Chemicals but also blood vessels play a role in this. It is a headache that comes on […]

nasal spray addicted. Capsinol nasal spray offers a solution

Nasal spray addicted… pepper in your nose!

Oscar (part 1): I have been addicted to nasal spray for at least 11 years. I found out recently when I looked at a photo from 2004 and saw a bottle of nasal spray on the table. To help others I like to share my personal story about how I got addicted to nasal spray […]

sinus inflammation capsinol

Sinus inflammation, sinus inflammation and severe headache

Trees: After years of wandering, at least 3 to 4 times a year, along steam baths, paracetamol, hundreds of handkerchiefs, nasal sprays, lying in bed for hours with severe headaches, as a result of sinus inflammation and inflammation of the sinuses, so that I regularly had to absent from work, and many antibiotics, I discovered […]

nasal spray addicted. Capsinol nasal spray offers a solution

Nasal Spray Addicted: Pepper in Your Nose … (Part 2)

Yes, you can see it right. It’s time for part 2! Earlier this year I wrote about it my very first experiences with Capsinol … pepper in your nose. On the Facebook page From Capsinol it then went loose and my review led to quite a few reactions, mostly positive, sometimes hilarious and (for me […]

blowing or picking up your nose

Catch a cold; what do you do with the snot? Blow or fetch

Blowing, fetching; what is better for the nose Do you often have a cold or do you suffer from a runny nose? What is the best way to remove the snot. One person shrugs his nose and chooses to blow his nose. Muzzles Blowing the nose is considered the most decent option, but this is […]

Runny nasal congestion

Capsinol tips for a runny nose

Tips for a runny nose. How difficult is that; a stuffy or runny nose. It’s not just the sniffling that bother you. The full feeling in your head is also unpleasant, you often sleep worse and it costs a lot of energy. That is why we have listed 5 tips for a runny or blocked […]

swollen nasal mucous membranes

Singer Louisa had been suffering from swollen nasal mucous membranes for years

Louisa – For a long time – actually for years – I had problems with swollen nasal mucous membranes that made breathing less easy. There was also always inflammation in the back of the nasal cavities. I am a professional singer and therefore it was very difficult that at the back of the nose, near […]

Nasal polyps and runny nose

Nasal polyps and continuous runny nose due to rhinitis

Sidney: I am Sidney, 36 years old and I have suffered from allergies and other ENT problems since I was 13 years old. I am a passionate deep sea diver and as a diver your cavities should be in good health. Polyps For more than 10 years I have the condition PNS: nasal polyps phase […]

Cold and stuffy nose every time

Always a cold, stuffy nose and headache

Linda : My complaints go back to when I was about 16-17 years old. Always catching a cold, quickly constipated and a lot of nosebleeds. In addition, also had many ear infections and quickly prone to laryngitis. I was only referred to ENT via my general practitioner years later after I got a lot of […]