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Since I was 12 years old, I was tormented every spring and summer by uncontrollable sneezing fits, uncomfortable runny noses, and fatigue from medication (doctor’s prescription).
The cotton handkerchief became a standard accessory, and occasions were avoided (ever experienced a sneezing fit followed by loud nose blowing during a ceremony?).

Of all the medications the doctor can prescribe, incl. an immune therapy (injections) and burning away a piece of nasal mucosa, I just had to accept that I had “active rhinitis” and this was, what it was.

Until I came in contact with Capsinol

By chance, I stumbled upon a treatment at a clinic with pepper extract. (through Google).
After some further searching, I found Capsinol. Despite the daunting idea of pepper spray in your nose (have experience) the reviews were favorable and I thought … why not.

Ordered bottle (original) and immediately gave it a try. Since my mucous membranes were pretty irritated…. Was the presence of pepper extract DIRECTLY obvious…. Oi oi … strong stuff.
This does give an immediate impression … “hey this stuff does something”. It was striking that immediately after the pepper stimulus subsided, my sneezing stimulus, which was present 24 hours a day, was gone. Must be a coincidence I thought.

In the first weeks (first bottle) having used it 3 times a day, you find that you get used to the pepper stimulus and this doesn’t bother you at all.

The effect of Capsinol nasal spray

The effect, on the other hand, gets used even much faster. From the first use, I noticed the positive effects;

  • No sneezing itch in my nose.
  • No constant running nose.
  • Not getting tired by the product.
  • Smell and taste improve.
  • Less watery eyes.

Of all the products the doctor or druggist recommended. Of all the things the allergology center could offer me.
Is Capsinol the ONLY thing that works and without side effects too.

Too bad the 12-year-old kid of that time, didn’t know what the 41-year-old guy of today knows. That would have saved a lot of inconvenience, bullying and medical messes.

Thank you Capsinol, your product is truly life changing.

And those who think “yeah yeah … bit over the top”. Just imagine how you feel during a cremation ceremony when you know you are going to erupt into loud sneering and honking at any moment…..


Merijn T.