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Blowing, fetching; what is better for the nose

Do you often have a cold or do you suffer from a runny nose? What is the best way to remove the snot.
One person shrugs his nose and chooses to blow his nose.


Blowing the nose is considered the most decent option, but this is actually the least good option. When you muzzle, there is pressure on the nose and push the mucus into your cavities. The viruses or bacteria can cause other problems in the cavities, such as a cavity inflammation.

If you do want to blow your nose, do it very carefully so that there is as little pressure as possible. So don’t blow away the leftovers again, wait until the snot comes off by itself. Preferably blow per nostril and use clean paper tissues.

When you get your nose, hold the mucus in and swallow it down your throat. Snot catches the viruses / bacteria and therefore protects the nose. When the snot enters the stomach, the pathogens are broken down by the acid that is in the stomach. This way you clean up the virus a bit.
When you pick it up, you also empty the sinuses, so that you have less chance of a sinus infection.

Maybe not the freshest alternative, but picking up is clearly better on the nose than blowing your nose.

You can also choose to just let the snot run and wipe it away if necessary. Always use a clean handkerchief.