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It’s wise to check if you need to bring your hay fever medication. The hay fever season can vary from country to country. Also, the amount of pollen varies depending on the climate, season, and plant growth in each country. Below you’ll find information about the likelihood of hay fever at your vacation destination.

Beach vacation and mountains

If you are sensitive to pollen, there are two safe places where you can enjoy without inconvenience: the coast and high mountain areas. Here, the concentration of pollen is the lowest. The pollen season starts later and ends earlier in these locations. Additionally, pollen concentrations are lower in dry areas compared to moderate, humid climates.


For people with hay fever, forested areas are not ideal. Tree pollen is heavier than grass-pollen, meaning it remains airborne longer and occurs in higher concentrations.

Pollen peak season in different countries

When you are suffering from hey fever it’s and going on vacation it’s important to know when pollen are mos prevalent at your holiday adress. Below you can find an overview when pollen are most prevalent for the most popular holiday destinations:

    • Netherlands: May-July. Preferably choose a coastal location and be cautious when returning in the evening as pollen concentration is higher during that time compared to other places.
    • Belgium: April to June. The pollen concentration is lower at the coast than inland and at the Ardennes.
    • France: May-July. France has diverse regions with their own tree and plant species, resulting in varying pollen concentrations.
    • Germany: February-August. Tree pollen is active from February to June, while grass and plant pollen are present from June to August. Coastal areas in the north have a shorter pollen season than the western and southern regions.
    • Spain: March-September. Due to lower humidity compared to Central European countries, the overall pollen concentration here is generally low.
    • Portugal: March-July. Grass pollen is active in June and July, while various types of grass and trees produce pollen from January to October. Only in November and December is Portugal free from pollen.
    • England: June to late July. The pollen season starts later in the north than in the south. Grass and plant pollen mainly cause hay fever here. In mountainous areas of Scotland and Wales, the pollen concentration from plants and grasses is much lower than in other parts of the country.
    • Sweden: April-September. The pollen period around Stockholm runs from March to September. Grass and plant pollen are mainly present from May to September.

So take good care of yourself during your vacation and enjoy every destination without worries, even if hay fever bothers you. Also, don’t forget to pack your hay fever nasal spray so you are able to fully enjoy your trip without hay fever getting in your way. Capsinol Hay Fever Nasal Spray is effective against hay fever and allergies, and is 100% natural. It is also suitable for children, making it great for the whole family!