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Sidney: I am Sidney, 36 years old and I have suffered from allergies and other ENT problems since I was 13 years old. I am a passionate deep sea diver and as a diver your cavities should be in good health.

For more than 10 years I have the condition PNS: nasal polyps phase 3 with a maximum phase 4. To control this I initially had treatments based on corticosteroids and antibiotics. This is because my polyps had contracted an infection which led to a sinus infection.

In the beginning, these chemical treatments worked, but over time my body has gotten used to them. The corticosteroids were no longer effective and I started experiencing side effects that were troubling to my health. I then started looking for lesser methods that are not harmful to my health.

Research capsaicin – Capsinol
That’s how I discovered Capsinol during my long internet searches. Because I wanted to find natural anti-inflammatories without side effects to treat my polyps. First I came across research reports on capsaicin. Then I started looking for a nasal spray based on capsaicin and I ended up on the site of Capsinol.

I ordered the mild and original formulas. I had immediate results from the very first time. When spraying for the first time, a new substance enters the nasal passages, the nose and specifically the turbinates swell for two minutes. I couldn’t breathe through my nose anymore. Then the burning sensation stopped and I could suddenly breathe softly through the nose again. And that while my nose was always very clogged! My ENT doctor even recommended surgery.

My search for a solution
For the past two years I have exchanged my regular treatments for a homeopathic treatment that is very effective. My homeopath explained to me that we first deal with allergies in a natural way. That would immediately reveal the other problems masked by the anti-allergies and the corticosteroids I was taking.

It turned out that I had eczema that was caused by psoriasis. We dealt with that by no longer taking dairy products and gluten. Furthermore, I have a different diet that restored my internal acid-base balance and I switched to a completely organic diet.

The psoriasis calmed down, but my nasal polyps had worsened so much that I had to stop diving (which has been the meaning of my existence since childhood). My nose was completely closed all day. It was impossible to breathe. Because my nose was poorly ventilated, I contracted sinus inflammation and rhinitis or rhinitis, so I started looking for a solution myself.

I have used the medical method that combines an anti-allergy with an anti-inflammatory. I only wanted natural products. Then I found quercetin as an anti-inflammatory, a natural pigment found in various foods and concentrated in gelatin capsules.

In addition, I have found bromelain as an anti-inflammatory, an enzyme that is found in the pineapple stem. And as an anti-inflammatory through the nose, I have found capsaicin / capsinol. To enhance this treatment, I combine this with the homeopathic remedies teucrium marum 5ch and sanguinaria nitrica 5ch.


I have been following this treatment for 3 months now. I use capsinol 3 times a day; morning, afternoon and evening spray twice in each nostril. When I take capsinol, the discomfort disappears after about 1 to 4 hours depending on the environment I am in (polluted, irritating or not).

The runny nose from the rhinitis has completely disappeared, and I also have a stuffy nose less often. My nose is in better health and I hardly have any sinus infections and I hardly have a cold anymore. My polyps are still there, but they don’t feel as big. I also have more and more that I have my sense of smell back at certain times of the day.

It was not my goal to get rid of my polyps, because that is almost impossible in the case of polyposis staduim 3. But the expectation with a polyposis is that after an operation, in 75% of cases the polyps will grow again between 2 and 10 years.

So I tackled the problem from the other side by finding a method that stabilizes the growth of the polyps. And which has solved the problems caused by the allergies and the rhinitis. I achieved that goal thanks to capsinol. I am now finally going to have surgery that will get rid of my polyps and stabilize the health of my nasal passages. This thanks to Capsinol and the treatment described above.

If my story can help other persons in the hellish way of the nasal polyps, I am overjoyed!