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Nasal spray addictionStop nasal spray addiction

Nasal spray addiction is a pretty big problem in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many people do not know that a nasal spray based on xylometazoline can only be used for one week at a time. Such nasal sprays are freely available everywhere. As a result, people seem to see less of the danger of continuing to spray. Or they have not read the package leaflet (properly), so they do not know.

What is a nasal spray addiction

The active ingredient xylometazoline makes the nasal mucosa thinner. This makes the stuffy feeling in the nose disappear. Because the active substances also dilate the blood vessels, the nasal mucosa becomes thicker again. As a result, the nose closes again after a while. The consequence; the nasal spray user continues to use the nasal spray to get rid of the stuffy sensation in the nose. If you keep using the nasal spray for too long, a dependence occurs. Without xylometazoline, the nose will simply remain closed. Not breathing freely through the nose is annoying. As a result, many people continue to use the nasal spray. This creates a nasal spray addiction.

Symptoms of a nasal spray addiction

A nasal spray addiction can be recognized by when you use nasal spray daily for more than two weeks. You need the nasal spray to keep the nose clear. You cannot breathe freely without nasal spray. The xylometazoline affects the cilia and nasal mucosa. The cilia provide protection against cold viruses. As a result, this protection is lost, so that the cold complaints increase sooner.

How can Capsinol help with nasal spray addiction

A nasal spray addiction can be remedied. One solution is to simply stop using this xylometazoline nasal spray. This causes the blood vessels to recover and the nasal mucosa will become less thick. The stuffy feeling disappears again. For most people this is not a good solution. It does cause some discomfort in the recovery period. Another solution is to reduce it per nostril, so that you always have air on one side.

But this is not a good solution for everyone. For people with chronic nasal complaints, Capsinol nasal spray can offer a very good outcome. Capsinol is a completely natural one nose spray . This can be used indefinitely and is not harmful to the nose. In addition, it builds up the resistance of the nasal mucous membranes (note: this process takes about 2 weeks!). The Capsicum annuum tincture stimulates the mucous membrane and gives you a clear feeling in your head. The salt and xylitol cause the mucous membranes to shrink. This decreases mucus production in the nose and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, the nose becomes less sensitive to dust from the outside, making you less likely to catch a cold. This effect can last up to a year. This way you can breathe freely through the nose again in a natural way.

Medical examination

Also medical examination has shown that Capsinol is effective in chronic nasal complaints. It has no negative effect on the sense of smell or the nasal mucosa (positive). It is not harmful to the nose, even with regular use. So there is no addictive effect.

For many people it is sufficient to use Capsinol nasal spray for a period of time until the nasal complaints have disappeared. After that, the complaints can disappear for a longer period of time (on average 1 year). This is very different person. Where one bottle is already helped, the other continues to use it regularly. Nor does it work for everyone, not every nose reacts to the pepper. In general, people are going to use less and less nasal spray with Capsinol.

Given the many good results with Capsinol, it is definitely worth a try to get rid of the nasal spray addiction!