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sinus inflammation capsinol

What is sinus infection?

In total, a human has eight sinuses, of which the forehead cavities are two. When all eight sinuses become inflamed, it is called a sinus infection. This is also referred to as Sinusitis. If only the forehead cavities are infected then this is called Sinusitis Frontalis.

How is sinus infection caused?

Sinusitis is mainly caused by a cold. With a cold, a lot of mucus is released which can cause a stuffy nose. But too much mucus can also travel to the sinuses. It contains many different bacteria. Too much bacteria can cause inflammation. The pain that occurs with a sinus infection is caused by the pressure that the mucus exerts on the cavities. In addition, a severe version of hay fever can also cause sinus inflammation.

Features of sinus inflammation

Because a sinus infection is caused by a cold, you also first get all the symptoms of a cold. You can think of:

  • A stuffy or runny nose
  • A sore throat
  • Headache
  • To sneeze
  • Teary eyes

Remember that sinus infection is contagious. The bacteria in the mucus can be passed on to others by sneezing or coughing. This could lead to a cold. Fortunately, the chance that it will actually become a sinus infection is less.

Solution for a (chronic) sinus infection

When you suffer from a sinus infection there is pressure in the nose and forehead cavities. This causes a sharp headache, jaw pain, and you probably feel sick too. You can take paracetamol for this pain. It is also very important to reduce the pressure in the cavities. To reduce this, the mucus that is stuck must be drained. Steaming can help.

Capsinol can offer a solution for chronic sinus complaints. The hot pepper in Capsinol nasal spray ensures that the nasal mucous membranes are cleared up. It produces moisture that loosens the mucus. In addition, the pepper ensures that the nose will produce a normal amount of mucus again, which releases the nose and cavities.

Pay attention!

Capsinol nasal spray is a spicy nasal spray. It may take some getting used to when you first use the nasal spray. Capsinol does not work in the same way as a standard nasal spray. It can take a few days to two weeks before you really start to experience the difference. In the meantime, use the nasal spray regularly so that the pepper really gets a chance to do a good job.

Capsinol has already helped or greatly reduced many people from their chronic sinus infections. But we also want to be honest; not every nose reacts to the pepper. If you don’t notice any difference after two weeks, Capsinol probably won’t be the solution for you. If you are going to try Capsinol, give it a chance. Follow the user instructions carefully for the best result.