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How difficult is that; a stuffy or runny nose. It’s not just the sniffling that bother you. The full feeling in your head is also unpleasant, you often sleep worse and it costs a lot of energy. That is why we have listed 5 tips for a runny or blocked nose to be able to breathe freely again through the nose as quickly as possible.

  1. don’t blow too hard
  2. don’t pick your nose
  3. muzzle per nostril
  4. steaming
  5. lend your body a hand

Don’t blow too hard

Do you suffer from a stuffy or runny nose? Don’t blow your nose too hard. Do it gently and only blow out the loose mucus. So don’t try to blow your nose in one go. That can potentially make nasal problems worse.

Nasal complaints are not only caused by some extra mucus / mucus, it also means that the mucous membranes are swollen and there is an inflammation in the nose. If you blow too hard, there will be too much pressure on the nose. This can irritate the inside of the nose and damage the sinuses. This can cause sinus inflammation / sinus inflammation, or sinusitis. That is very painful. In addition, a hard muzzle can also feel unpleasant because of pressure on the ears and eyes.

Do not pick your nose

It is not fresh, but there is still quite a bit of fun around us. ‘Just remove those crusts …’ We understand the need, it’s just not good for you. Picking can make the nasal infection worse.

Muzzle per nostril

Most people prefer to blow their nose in a handkerchief in one go. Then you will of course also be ready the fastest. However, it is better to blow your nose gently per nostril. So keep one nostril closed when you start blowing and then change nostrils.


A steam bath can provide relief and make the nose free again. It just doesn’t solve the inflammation problem. So the nose may soon fill with snot again.

Give your body a hand

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and get plenty of rest! This helps your body to fight the infection itself.

Bonus tip

Are the nose problems still not gone? Then a nasal spray can offer a solution. Be careful with xylometazoline nasal sprays, use these for a maximum of 7 days in a row. Instead, opt for a natural nasal spray such as Capsinol nasal spray.

Capsinol nasal spray is a 100% natural nasal spray based on red pepper. Very effective, can be used for a long time and not harmful to the nose. This nasal spray has solved many nasal problems and nasal spray addictions.