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phlegm in throat

Mucus in the throat and nose, do you also suffer from that

Mucus in throat and nose Majorie: I had continuous mucus in my throat and nose. On my 25th I was diagnosed with an idiopathic (chronic) cold. Now it is 4 years later. At first my doctor thought it was hay fever because the symptoms appeared during specific periods (pollen period in spring and harvest period […]

Home remedies test Capsinol

Homeremedies tests Capsinol best

Watch here on Youtube where Homeremedies Capsinol as the best test against runny nose or cold. Homeremedies tests Capsinol best. Stan from the Youtube channel ‘Homeremedies’, sent us a video with his best tips of natural solutions for colds. In his video he shows his 5 favorite natural ways to combat a stuffy nose. The […]

dust mite allergy

What to do about dust mite allergy

Dust Mite Allergy – Nothing seemed to help Rutger: Nothing seemed to help against my strong dust mite allergy. But Capsinol does! Both in the long term and immediately when necessary. Very nice! All my life I have suffered from strong dust mite allergies. When I help someone move or change the duvet, I sneeze […]

Where do bacteria like to settle

What kills bacteria and where do they like to settle.

What kills bacteria where do they like to settle? It’s wet and cold outside, so we dress nice and warm. And, we put on a warm scarf before we go out. This way we cannot catch a cold and we do not get the flu or cold. At least we think so. Because let’s say […]

cold from air conditioning

Cold from air conditioning

Do you still have a cold in the summer? Maybe you get a cold from the air conditioning? What a wonderfully warm summer we have. Although nature is visibly bothered by it, I can enjoy it. Maybe during the day a little too warm to be very effective, but the evenings are the way I […]

From big cold to nasal spray addiction

Use Capsinol to get rid of nasal spray addiction

From big cold to nasal spray addiction Gaby talks about how using Capsinol helped her get rid of nasal spray addiction. Gabry: Six to seven years ago I got a terrible nose cold that would not go away. Enormous sinus inflammation, sinus inflammation and chest tightness. That was my first encounter with xylometazoline … it […]

Non-allergic rhinitis Capsinol nasal psray

Non-allergic rhinitis; capsicum reliefs

Marta - from Barcelona
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I cannot even remember when I first realized that I couldn’t possibly have a perpetual cold, and that the regular sneezes and runny nose that I had been experiencing for a long time might be symptoms of something else. At some point I was told that I must have an allergy and was prescribed antihistamines. […]

nasal cold addicted to xylometazoline

Addicted to xylometazoline due to a cold in the nose

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Bianca: About ten years ago I had a cold and bought a bottle of nasal spray, xylometazoline, a name I could barely pronounce. The saleswoman pointed me to the instructions and not to use them for more than eight days. I also said that after those eight days I would actually like to be better […]

My experience with Capsinol nasal spray

Lya Hartman
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Lya: in the fall of 2013, I encountered Capsinol’s page on Facebook. After reading about the product and the experiences of users, I ordered two bottles: the mild formula to start with, and the original formula in case I could handle the pepper. My Eustachian tubes don’t quite function as they should. They only open […]

Addicted to nasal spray after frontal sinusitis


Martin: I’m Martin, 46 years old, and I’ve been addicted to nasal spray containing xylometazoline for years after getting frontal sinusitis about ten years ago. I kept using xylmetazoline ever since. Initially, it worked very well, but as time went on I had to keep using more and more in order to keep my nose […]