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Yes, you can see it right. It’s time for part 2! Earlier this year I wrote about it my very first experiences with Capsinol … pepper in your nose. On the Facebook page From Capsinol it then went loose and my review led to quite a few reactions, mostly positive, sometimes hilarious and (for me personally) especially very recognizable.
When I wrote my first review earlier this year, I was hoping I’d help at least one someone with it. Given the many reactions that followed on Facebook, I have now decided to write a second review.

After a quick retrospect, I’ll share how my nasal spray addiction is doing now, and … I’ll comment on some of the striking, critical and funny comments posted on Facebook as a result of Part 1.

Brief review

About 11 to 13 years ago I started using nasal spray. I found out at the beginning of this year when I saw a bottle of nasal spray in an old photo from 2004. Not just a nasal spray, but a nasal spray with xylometazoline. You can become addicted to that, and unfortunately that happened to me. Besides the fact that the long-term use of such a nasal spray seems to be pretty bad, it is also very annoying. Nasal spray should be taken everywhere: to work, when you go shopping, to family, on vacation and so on. Every 2 to 3 hours you need a few pinches of nasal spray, otherwise your nose will clog and you will not get any more air.
I have tried almost everything to get rid of my nasal spray addiction, but unfortunately to no avail. “Cold turkey” didn’t work, because after a few hours I simply couldn’t breathe anymore because my nose was completely blocked. And it did not open automatically, not even after a day.

I have tried many nasal sprays, almost all natural (and therefore harmless) variants and also two “these really work!” prescription nasal sprays. I even started steaming herbs daily for quite a few weeks, but nothing helped. Almost nothing … just that wretched nasal spray with xylometazoline.

And so I just stayed addicted to my (k) nasal spray. Is that bad? Well, at some point you are used to it and you don’t know any better. But the moment you never leave the house without a nasal spray and you always have to have a few bottles in stock, a bell should actually start ringing… or rather a complete chime. Since you can only use such a spray for a maximum of 5 days in a row, you could conclude that it is not exactly healthy to sniff that stuff every day every few hours for years!

Capsinol, panacea?
I was actually completely convinced that nothing would help me to get rid of my nasal spray addiction and in my mind I have already seen myself lying in a hospital bed several times, ready to have an operation on my nose. Not a pleasant prospect. I really don’t like hospitals.

At the beginning of this year I came across that photo with a bottle of nasal spray on it, and so I decided to search the internet again to see if there are any new developments to combat nasal spray addiction. And that’s how I ended up with Capsinol.

Capsinol was actually the first nasal spray without xylometazoline that really seemed to work, which is why I wrote my first review about it after 2 weeks that you may have read. We have now moved on for a while, but how are things now?

I can tell it is going pretty well. First, let me start with some very good news. After using Capsinol for 2 weeks, I took a big step… a very big step. I put my bottle of (k) nasal spray with xylometazoline in a drawer of a cupboard. And really, I haven’t touched that bottle since. And that is now more than 2 months ago. Yes indeed, I think it is now safe to say that I am no longer addicted to xylometazoline nasal spray.

So besides that I am no longer addicted, I also notice that I no longer need as much Capsinol as in the beginning, and each time I also use less, unless my nose is really closed. I especially like getting up in the morning and not having to reach for the nasal spray immediately as I was used to for years (sometimes even in the middle of the night). Now I often only spray for the first time at the end of the morning or somewhere in the afternoon.

All in all, I am very satisfied with Capsinol. Is there nothing wrong with this nasal spray and is it all rose scent and moonshine? Almost yes. The only thing I could notice is that very sometimes the spray does not work immediately. Then it takes a little longer. That’s because it is a natural product. That is a difference with nasal spray with xylometazoline where your nose always opens within seconds. With Capsinol this takes a few minutes and sometimes a little longer. But once your nose is open, it also stays open for a long time. So I really no longer have to spray every 2 to 3 hours and I can safely leave the house without a nasal spray. Quite a change if you compare that to less than 3 months ago when I never left the house without a nasal spray in my pocket.

What I still have to say is actually a psychological aspect. When I was addicted, I always had to make sure there was a nasal spray somewhere near me that I could use immediately if needed. Now I regularly walk out the door without even thinking about nasal spray. Why? That is the case. When I used my xylometazoline nasal spray, my nose closed every few hours … or rather ‘locked’. That effect has now completely disappeared.

Yes, my nose sometimes closes a bit now, but never again tightly closed like it was before. Whatever happens, I always get air. Suppose I do not use Capsinol for a day, my nose will become a bit closer, but I can continue to breathe and I have not been able to do that for more than 11 years. That is really a nice thought.

I cannot say now whether I will get rid of the nasal spray completely. I’ve been injecting xylometazoline into my nose daily for at least 11 years, so my nose will need quite some time to recover from that, if that happens at all. Given the first positive effects with Capsinol, I have good faith in that. I think it’s a small panacea.

I hope I help other people by sharing my experiences. I do not know whether Capsinol works for everyone, I am not a doctor, but I can certainly recommend it. Personally, I think – especially if you’re addicted to xylometazoline nasal spray – it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Comments on Facebook part 1:
As promised, I would comment on some of the striking, critical and funny comments posted on Facebook in response to my first review.
*** “I can’t be saved anymore” ***
Well, that’s what I thought at the beginning of this year too! In fact, I thought so for years… but now it seems to be working! Maybe that applies to you too.

*** “Quit cold turkey. I am proud of myself because it was not easy. Just a week of misery but then you quickly notice a difference. ”

*** Fantastic that you succeeded! I tried it a few times myself, but my nose just stayed tight. I couldn’t breathe at all. So this was not an option for me.

*** “Idd a tricky addiction. 3 weeks on holiday with 6 bottles in stock in the caravan. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from Dutch. ***
Haha, recognizable… not that caravan, but those 6 (in my case 4) bottles in the suitcase.

*** “On the site of the product itself, that makes me a bit suspicious.” ***
Can I imagine, but it seemed like the most logical place to post my review.

*** “Tried it. But it was horrible and didn’t help at all. ” ***
Not everyone reacts the same. I have also tried a lot of nasal sprays that turned out not to help at all. Fortunately, with Capsinol that is a completely different story. It helps me.

*** “Feast of Recognition ;-)” ***
I understand exactly what you mean 😉 You just can’t really call it a party …

*** “I think I’m going to try it too … been on the otrivin menthol for 14 years.” ***
Trying never hurts. Good luck!

*** “Hihi Albert Heijn house brand is the best 😉 After 25 years of experience :-(” ***
Already 25 years? Whooh! I thought I was a die-hard veteran, but you beat me! 🙂 I would really try Capsinol sometime, because being addicted for 25 years is really not good 🙁

*** “I ordered Dominique right away and hopefully I’ll get rid of that stuff” ***
Good luck, I hope it helps you!

*** “I have been using nasal spray every day for 18 years now, on 5 times a day goes everywhere I don’t know what else I always have a stock at home” ***
Well, very recognizable again. Exactly my story.

*** “Well it takes some getting used to … painful even” ***
That “pain” will automatically diminish. My tip: as soon as you press the spray, inhale deeply at the same time. Then first wait, for example 10 seconds, and only then spray again. You can feel it stimulate, but it really doesn’t hurt. Often spraying twice per nostril is enough for me.

*** “Haha (k) nasal spray” ***
Glad you could laugh about it! 🙂

*** “Pepper ??? !!” ***
Yes! And it works too 🙂
If in doubt, I would definitely give it a try. Maybe Capsinol will help you too!