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herbs for colds

Tips: Herbs that help against colds

There are many herbs that help with a cold. And not only herbs, but there are also vegetables, blossoms and all kinds of plants that have a positive effect on a cold. We have collected a number of tips. Red pepper for colds We already know that red pepper can help with cold complaints, such […]

9 tips against hay fever

Hay fever: 9 tips against hay fever complaints

Hello spring and hello hay fever. In other words: Pollen in the air. While all those cute lambs are being born and the flowers are blooming again, you are just sneezing. How is that possible? You may be allergic to the pollen or the grass and / or tree pollen. The term ‘Hay fever’ is […]

capsinol nasal spray

First experience with Capsinol nasal spray – Monique filmed it

Monique sent us the email below with a video of her first experience with Capsinol nasal spray. So really the first time she uses Capsinol. We would like to share these. It gives a good idea of how the pepper in the nose is experienced in the beginning. 🙂 Hola, I just saw that you […]

After 1.5 weeks of Capsinol nasal spray – Monique shares her experience (part 2)

Monique very regularly suffers from sinus complaints, such as swollen nasal mucous membranes. She also suffers from light sensitivity as a result. Earlier she showed us how she used the first time experiencing Capsinol (part 1) . Now a week and a half later, she talks about the first results. Has she already noticed a […]

cayenne pepper

What you didn’t know about cayenne pepper (red pepper)

Traditional medicine For more than 9,000 years, Native Americans have used cayenne pepper as a food and medicine. This is mainly due to a substance called capsaicin. This hot substance in this red pepper is known for its pain-relieving properties. In traditional medicine we find this hot pepper in Japan, China, Korea and India. There […]


Color snot, what does this say about your body

It’s not the nicest topic to talk about, but it’s very important: your snot! The color of your snot says a lot about your body. A certain color can mean that you are dealing with a virus, infection or other complaints that you should have examined by a doctor. So it is not surprising to […]

Stop nasal spray addiction

STOP nasal spray addiction

** Registration for this promotion is no longer possible, the participants are already selected ** Curious how it goes? Then sign up for the Facebook group: Stop nasal spray addiction —————————————————————————- Are you addicted to nasal spray? And do you want to get rid of that? Is stopping nasal spray your New Year’s resolution for […]

not sick on winter sports

Sick during winter sports? This is how you prevent it!

It’s December again and that means winter is coming! So put on warm clothes in the morning, scratch your car window before you go to work and stay at home on the couch in the evening because it is too cold to go outside. To get to the snow, a lot of people are already […]

Chronic cold

Chronic cold, I just had to learn to live with it

Mylene: I have been suffering from idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold) for 10 years. This started around my 30’s ste , I suddenly got a bad cold. Since I never had a cold before, I thought it had something to do with the respiratory tract, or that it might be a certain allergy. I went to […]

to sneeze

Sneezing, my nose reacts to everything. Capsinol helped.

To sneeze Laurence: I have a chronic (idiopathic) cold. When a man with strong aftershave walks past me, I immediately start to sneeze. Not just once, but several times in a row. My nose is very sensitive to everything. An unpleasant smell or certain temperature differences already cause a sneeze. Am I walking into a […]