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Dust Mite Allergy – Nothing seemed to help

Rutger: Nothing seemed to help against my strong dust mite allergy. But Capsinol does! Both in the long term and immediately when necessary. Very nice!

All my life I have suffered from strong dust mite allergies. When I help someone move or change the duvet, I sneeze a lot, I have a runny nose and my nose and eyes itch. Especially the excessive and hard sneezing is very stressful. It leads to a feeling of flu and takes a lot of energy. Even apart from practical objections in an open office environment.

I have tried a lot to limit these symptoms. Allergy tablets did not really help (and I also preferred not to take it continuously when I am not really bothered). And my doctor also had no solutions. An osteopath has given me tips to increase overall resistance. And I have decorated our house as much as possible to have as little trouble as possible (wooden floor, also in the bedroom, special allergenic cushion cover, etc.).

But the allergy is so strong that it does not help when I am really confronted with a lot of mites.

Fortunately, my osteopath pointed me to a Chinese acupuncturist, who previously worked as an immuno-genetics doctor. He is a specialist in the field of (natural) resistance. He helped me a lot through acupuncture and good nutrition. AND pointed to Capsinol.

I also experience what the acupuncturist stimulates with his needles when using Capsinol. Because my eyes and nose start to ‘water’ from the inside, they are cleaned in a natural way and my resistance increases. That’s great! And because of the sharp pepper, it also works very well at the moment when I really suffer. The annoying itch seems to be really taken away. Something that no nasal spray has succeeded before.

Both for my long-term resistance, and when I really suffer from my allergy, Capsinol works very well for me. For me it is really a godsend (and therefore really worth the money).

In the beginning it certainly took some getting used to, and I do not stick to 3x spraying per nostril. That is way too much for me. A few times a day once (sometimes twice) per side is really enough for me. And that works well. And sometimes I don’t use it for a while. But always have it on hand.

About 1.5 years later, I have much fewer complaints. Of course I sometimes sneeze, but I don’t have to take it into account. I can do whatever I want or need without being directly confronted with my allergy. I once tried the mild formula, but I feel it has less effect.

Capsinol has helped me enormously to reduce the complaints of my allergy and I am convinced that it has helped me in strengthening my resistance. In addition, I find it very nice that I do not burden my body with (in my eyes) chemical junk such as allergy pills or xylometazoline.

Very nice. And thanks!

Explanation of photos: The photo in the text is the real Rutger. He thought it was fine if the really interested people would see his face, but he did not need to be recognizably promoted on Facebook / Instagram. All understanding for that 🙂 That is why 2 different photos have been used (the first is a stock photo).