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Monique sent us the email below with a video of her first experience with Capsinol nasal spray. So really the first time she uses Capsinol. We would like to share these. It gives a good idea of how the pepper in the nose is experienced in the beginning. 🙂


I just saw that you guys are looking for movies and I just happened to be filming my very first use with Capsinol today.

Ever since my childhood I have had sinus misery as I call it myself. Never real inflammation, but all the complaints that go with it. Either way, it is a hypersensitivity reaction where my mucous membranes swell and I am also light sensitive to my eyes. The pain that comes with it is anything but pleasant. You learn to live with it. I have already had surgery on my cavities, but that has not brought a solution either. Sometimes anti-histamine. Paracetamol often does not. And the strange thing is that I can usually breathe freely and do not need xylometazoline, while the GP and ENT promote it. I have been rinsing my sinuses every day with the rhino horn very faithfully for years.

And now the time has come again. Suddenly swollen mucous membranes, sensitive to light. I wear sunglasses all day long. Or don’t even get out of bed because I prefer to stay behind the curtains. That sounds more dramatic than it really is. As said, I am used to it. Suddenly I remembered a tip from a friend for Capsinol. I bought it right away and tried it today when I got it in. That’s what this movie is about. I don’t dare to say whether it will help but I really hope for it. How that would enrich my life!

I’ll keep you informed.

So to be continued ….