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Mucus in throat and nose

Majorie: I had continuous mucus in my throat and nose. On my 25th I was diagnosed with an idiopathic (chronic) cold. Now it is 4 years later. At first my doctor thought it was hay fever because the symptoms appeared during specific periods (pollen period in spring and harvest period in early summer). But later the symptoms were present almost all year, except during 3 weeks of vacation in Italy.

Corticosteroids and antihistamines had no effect

Then I was referred to an allergist. There I was completely checked by means of various skin and blood tests. Corticosteroids and antihistamine treatments have been prescribed, but these also had no effect on my complaints. These treatments gave me a terrible headache and I was constantly tired.

Idiopathic Rhinitis (Chronic Cold)

I was eventually diagnosed with idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold). My allergist was unable to help me further and I was referred to an ENT specialist. This doctor assigned me a spray based on corticoid; a hormone made by the adrenal cortex. It seemed to work for a while, but then the complaints came back very quickly and even more intensely than before. Then this doctor also said that he could not help me further.

Capsinol as a solution

Because these were two setbacks and I still had a lot of trouble, I went on the internet. I started searching under the term: Idiopathic rhinitis and what treatments were for this. After a while of searching I came to the website of Capsinol. It said capsaicin would soak in Idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold without allergy). On the site I read the experiences of others and I recognized many of my own complaints. That’s why I started trying.

I ordered two formulas (mild and original). I started with the mild but quickly moved to the original. It is wonderful to me! After such a long time, I felt my nose come out completely. I now use Capsinol every day and after a few minutes all the mucus disappears in the back of my nose. As a result, the mucus in my throat and nose no longer occurs and I no longer suffer from fatigue as a result of the constant scraping of the throat. I always keep my nasal spray on hand and I have also ordered it for my brother who also suffers from idiopathic rhinitis. Finally a product that works well for me and has no side effects.