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To sneeze

Laurence: I have a chronic (idiopathic) cold. When a man with strong aftershave walks past me, I immediately start to sneeze. Not just once, but several times in a row. My nose is very sensitive to everything. An unpleasant smell or certain temperature differences already cause a sneeze. Am I walking into a hot store? Then I also start sneezing and it doesn’t stop there. My nose is completely full and because everything is very sensitive, it flows right out.

Sensitive nose

I have been to the ENT doctor for an examination, but unfortunately nothing useful came out. The doctor couldn’t see anything special and I went home with the message, “You just have a very sensitive nose.” Although I must say that this result was more than 20 years ago. Because of this I started looking for another solution myself. I came across Capsinol via an ENT website. It really appealed to me and who doesn’t dare who doesn’t win, right? I started with the mild version of Capsinol, thinking that something spicy in your nose is probably not going to help.

Capsinol Mild Formula gave the solution

Now I have been using the milder version of Capsinol for a long time and it actually caught on immediately. I immediately noticed that I sneeze a lot less. One spray with the bottle immediately helps to calm my nose. Which is of course ideal with my hypersensitive nose. When I notice that it is necessary, I spray a spray in each nostril. I do this about once a day, but it depends on how my nose is feeling at the time. Sometimes I don’t spray at all for 2 to 3 days and the other week I spray every day.

After my long search for a good solution, I ended up at Capsinol. I recommend this to everyone!