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Winter sports! Great fun for skiing or snowboarding all day long, but how does it actually affect your health? Winter sports place high demands on your body. Not only because you are working out hard all day, but also because you can have to deal with strong wind, snow and extreme cold. So it is important to take good care of yourself in order not to get sick. Below are a number of tips to help you with this.

Drink plenty of water

To warm up after skiing, order a hot chocolate rather than a glass of water. Still, it is very important to drink enough water between slopes. The lymphatic system, made up of vessels, tracts and glands, repels bacteria and viruses in the body. In order for the lymphatic system to function properly, a good fluid balance is necessary. Therefore, hydrate your body sufficiently by drinking enough water. If you also participate in the après ski in the evening, pay extra attention!

Tip: Would you rather not drink a glass of water in the cold? Then order a cup of tea.

Eat healthy

When you are on vacation, eating healthy is usually not the first thing on your mind. Certainly not if the people around you feed on röstis, cutlets and cheese fondue. Try to make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables. Your resistance can use that extra well if you spend most of the day in temperatures below zero. In addition, fruits and vegetables naturally give you energy due to the naturally present sugars.

Tip : Get fruit for the whole week straight from a supermarket and put it on a communal table for a good view. This way you don’t forget to eat it.

Make sure you are dry

If something can make you sick quickly, it is going out into the cold with wet clothes. Therefore, make sure to hang your clothes up after skiing or snowboarding so that they can dry. Don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves. The thick fabric ensures that they dry less quickly. Put them on the heater and then you can be sure that you will not have wet hands the next day.

Tip : Are you going on winter sports with a large family? Bring (extra) clothes hangers!

If you are sick, take it easy

A little fanatic winter sports enthusiast does not stop skiing when he has a cold or the flu. That makes sense, because of course you want to get the most out of your holiday. However, when the immune system is weakened, your body needs rest to recover. Exercise is even dangerous in the case of flu or fever. The virus can get into the heart muscle, causing injury in the form of inflammation. That is why it is important to identify which symptoms you are experiencing. Fever, muscle pain and a stuffy nose are the common symptoms of a cold and do not necessarily mean that you have the flu or are ill. In that case, Capsinol is a good remedy that prevents colds. Do you suffer from a sore throat, headache, a runny nose and / or pain in the top of the neck? Then there is a good chance that you have the flu and it is wise to take a rest.

Tip : Do you suffer from a sore throat? Rub tiger balm on your throat and you will notice that the pain is eased. The balm makes the throat warm, so that stuck mucus thins and disappears from the throat. And of course take a bottle of Capsinol nasal spray with you for the nose.

Hopefully you will succeed with these tips to stay healthy during winter sports. Do you also have a tip that you want to share with other winter sports enthusiasts? Then leave a comment!