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Louisa – For a long time – actually for years – I had problems with swollen nasal mucous membranes that made breathing less easy. There was also always inflammation in the back of the nasal cavities. I am a professional singer and therefore it was very difficult that at the back of the nose, near the throat, there was always an accumulation of tough mucus. This made not only breathing but also singing more difficult. There was something that didn’t belong, that was clear! I kept trying to get rid of the dirt which didn’t make any nice sounds!

Pick up your nose and try to grunt through your throat. The infections and the dirt gave me a “full feeling” in my head, even a bit of a headache. I had already tried everything but without much results. Steam with eucalyptus, various nasal sprays. I even had a nasal douche that tried to rinse away the dirt with salt water.

My sister, who had complaints about breathing and lungs, was prescribed Capsinol a year ago by the specialist and had wonderful results. She told me about it because she knew what my complaints were. I searched the internet and read the story about Capsinol. I immediately ordered a bottle.
Immediately but the original version! Yes, it will sting your nose for a moment, but the result was there very quickly!

In the beginning I squirted Capsinol into my nose 3 times a day. The mucus disappeared and – because of the inflammation that was there – the crusts too! A wonderful sensation to be able to breathe freely again. And certainly not unimportant: singing suddenly became much easier! The resonance rooms were open again and the voice could sound again! Oh, how happy I was! After one week it was okay. No more grunting, the cavities were open and there was no more unwanted mucus! Yes, my housemates were also happy of course! That picking up the nose was really not a nice sound! I continued to use Capsinol for a few more weeks, but a little less, 2 times and then 1 time a day. Then and a few times a week. And after a month I left it out because there were no more complaints.

After about three months of quitting, I ordered another bottle, the complaints came back to a much lesser extent and I now want to prevent it from getting so bad again! Now I take Capsinol once or twice a day and I am still just as satisfied as with the first experience.

Singers and female singers
I think a lot of singers would benefit from Capsinol. It is a wonderful means to use for colds and allergies and to let the mucous membranes shrink. This also allows the voice to sound better. Capsinol deserves much greater fame! It is a great means to combat complaints of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. I’m so glad I discovered it!

I also told my brother, who goes to the pulmonologist with complaints, about Capsinol. And he is also very happy with the remedy. His complaints are much less since he started using Capsinol!

I recommend it to everyone who has complaints about the nasal mucous membranes!