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** Registration for this promotion is no longer possible, the participants are already selected **

Curious how it goes? Then sign up for the Facebook group: Stop nasal spray addiction


Are you addicted to nasal spray? And do you want to get rid of that?

Is stopping nasal spray your New Year’s resolution for 2018? We would like to help you with that.
All the way free! We only expect your commitment and involvement.

We search 30 motivated people who really really want to get rid of their nasal spray addiction. Everyone participating in this promotion will receive a free bottle of Capsinol nasal spray of their choice to start the test with.

How do you participate?
* Register via the form (we only use the e-mail address to inform you about this campaign)
* Write in a comment (at the bottom) on this page why you want to participate

Signed up and then?
We make a selection of the registrations. When you have been selected, you will receive an information email with a short survey (3 min). After completing the survey, we will send you a bottle of Capsinol of your choice. After a period of 2 to 3 weeks of Capsinol use, we would like to hear what the result is. We will send you a short survey for that (about 5 minutes). If you are not selected, you will also receive a message.

We will share the results of all participants via our site and social media at the beginning of February.

So are you up to the challenge?

Keep an eye on: By signing up, you give us permission to share the results via our site and social media. We will hereby at most use names of a first name, without disclosing further personal data.
Important: Know that Capsinol is a nasal spray based on red pepper. Completely natural and without addictive effect, but it does spicy ! So know what you are getting into!

Facebook group: Stop nasal spray addiction

We have set up a special Facebook group to exchange tips and experiences with each other. And to motivate each other. This group is about you and not about Capsinol. We will certainly not bother you with advertising. We will do our best to answer all questions as well as possible. Everyone is welcome; even if you are not (yet) completely ready to quit. Or if you are not drawn for the test. Register without obligation for this Facebook group: Stop nasal spray addiction

Do you want to get rid of your addiction, but not with Capsinol nasal spray?

Read our other ‘do-it-yourself’ tips: Tips – How to get rid of your nasal spray addiction

Would you like to join us in this challenge, only in your own way? So via one of the DIY methods mentioned, and without our nasal spray? Please send us an email:

We would love to take you into the test! That way we can compare the results well and share them with everyone.