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Who knows, maybe my experience will help other people who suffer from severe hay fever, so I am happy to share it with you.

I am 77 years old and have actually never really suffered from hay fever in my life, some years a little, and once before worse but this year 2022 really hit everything.

I hadn’t taken any measures, a cure or anything in advance because I wasn’t expecting this after the previous summer where I rolled through fine health and enjoyed life with walks in nature.

How great was the shock when I realized in late May that I could be feeling half sick from hay fever, grass pollen allergy.

So at familiar drugstores bought tablets and Prevalin nasal spray.

But it didn’t help anything.

Especially in the afternoons and nights, I was just flu-like and hot in my face and with a tense and often shaking body but no fever, sleepless nights, near despair and consulted my doctor.

She prescribed me stronger tablets, desloratadine and as a nasal spray mometason which contains corticosteroids that are supposed to be anti-inflammatory.

It helped, but insufficiently, and after a few weeks I was allowed to double the dose.

I was not happy about this because I have the eye disease glaucoma, which means I already have vision loss in one eye due to excessive eyeball pressure.

And corticosteroids I was only allowed to use for a short time because they can also increase eye pressure.

Since the hay fever was affecting my nose the worst anyway, I started searching the Internet for possibly other solutions for this that I may also use more often and are not harmful to my eyes.

So I happened to come across Capsinol’s website where I found a new remedy from them against…Hay fever.

And with not just the symptom-suppressing drugs I was given by the doctor, but with strengthening drugs for the already affected and sometimes bleeding nasal mucosa. It would address the cause.

Ordered immediately and started using it right away, waiting to see if the beautiful promises would be true.

And yes, from the very beginning my nose snapped up, was open again even at night.

(That hasn’t been the case in years, I didn’t even dare lie flat and on minus left side because then my nose would get stuffed up and I would get too stuffy).

And I also began to feel a little better again in stomach and intestines that were totally upset just from the stress everything had given me.

Now I’m continuing to work on that with good nutrition and relaxation because I was just getting anxious about what the consequences would be, whether I wasn’t suffering from something else, for next summer when it would also be so dry and hot and windy. That I would then have to spend the days locked in the house again.

I would like to enjoy the years I have left to live but in this way despair was upon me.

One ruined summer, from May to September, I don’t want to go through that again.

So now that I have this hay fever spray from Capsinol I am already going into the coming summer with a lot more confidence.

Another very important event: when the first bottle started to run out I ordered a second one but because something must have gone wrong somewhere I didn’t get it from PostNL and then passed that on to Capsinol.

And to my great joy and gratitude, I immediately received a message back : of course we will send you a new bottle right away!!!

When does this happen these days?

And the very next day it was there.

And, strange but true, the day I received this good news was also my birthday.

I couldn’t get a better gift because I don’t want to go another day without this spray.

With these experiences, I can truly recommend this remedy to anyone who has similar problems with hay fever.

A grateful Andrea