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Do you still have a cold in the summer? Maybe you get a cold from the air conditioning?

What a wonderfully warm summer we have. Although nature is visibly bothered by it, I can enjoy it. Maybe during the day a little too warm to be very effective, but the evenings are the way I like them. Doors open, eating outside and children playing until late. I can get used to it. Except for the mosquitoes. I am the type that mosquitoes love. While my hubby is already worrying about two small bumps, I crush my arm because I have fed entire mosquito families with food. But I am not the most annoying and can, with some effort, show sympathy for my husband’s two mosquito bites because ‘they really itch a lot’.

With 30 degrees to the nasal spray

Then you think that it will stay with this in terms of inconveniences, but then you get the wonderful phenomenon that my husband gets a cold. I mean, it’s over 30 degrees and the nasal spray can be taken out. It will certainly say a lot about me but I always have to get used to it. While you are having a nice chat, you are suddenly interrupted by a sneeze that does not seem to stop. To then completely get rid of what you were talking about again. And I also find it difficult to blow a nose while you are sitting next to it. But maybe that is something from the past. This minor trauma occurred during dinner where my father took his cotton handkerchief from his pocket as standard once a meal to blow his nose very hard. With all the sounds that go with it. And then I just had to finish my plate …

Can you catch a cold from the air conditioning?

Why do we catch a cold in the summer? Could you catch a cold from the air conditioning? Apparently there is no clear answer to that. A cold in the nose is caused by a virus. A virus is contagious and is transmitted to people by coughing or sneezing. What an air conditioner does is cool the air in the room and remove moisture from the air. Low humidity can irritate our mucous membranes. Such as a dry throat, nose and eyes. Then you have not yet had a cold, but it can be experienced as unpleasant. In addition, it is important that an air conditioner has clean filters. If not, the air quality may decrease.

Furthermore, our body appears not to like it that much when there are strong temperature changes. From hot to cold can cause a stress response in the body. When you enter a cold room, your blood flow also decreases. Your defense mechanism may work less well due to the large fluctuations, which may make you more susceptible to viruses. It is better not to make the temperature differences too great. So it seems that it has to do with several factors.

Just like the summer, the cold will also pass

Then why my husband got a cold? No idea. Our air conditioning is 20 years old and hardly cools. And I think our vacation was quite relaxing without too much stress. Although he may of course have experienced it differently. From just seeing each other in the evenings to suddenly 24/7 on each other’s lips, is also not always stress reducing. But that aside. In the meantime, the heat is out of the house, the temperatures are dropping in the evening and my love is no longer cold. I already miss summer.