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Capsinol offers natural strength in the form of nasal sprays containing capsaicin, providing a unique solution for those with chronic nasal complaints. Dr. Van Rijswijk’s findings underscore what Capsinol has long promoted: the natural power of capsaicin can be effective in treating IR.

Peppery power against Idiopathic Rhinitis: A Breakthrough with Capsinol

In the world of natural health care, there is an exciting development in the field of nasal health. The recent findings of ENT physician J.B. van Rijswijk on the use of capsaicin, the active ingredient of red pepper, in the treatment of idiopathic rhinitis (IR) are particularly relevant to our users of Capsinol nasal spray.

Capsinol: Natural Strength

Capsinol natural nasal sprays with capsaicin, offer a unique solution for people with chronic nasal complaints. The results of the study confirm what Capsinol has long promoted: the natural power of capsaicin can be effective in treating IR.

Capsinol Natural Nasal Spray

Safety and Effectiveness of Capsaicin

Dr. Van Rijswijk’s study showed that multiple administrations of capsaicin via nasal spray in one day can provide rapid and long-lasting relief. These results support the safety and effectiveness of Capsinol’s approach in the use of capsaicin for nasal complaints.


This breakthrough in treating IR with capsaicin is an example of how natural ingredients can play a powerful role in health care. At Capsinol, we pride ourselves on harnessing the natural power of capsaicin in our nasal sprays. This study confirms the potency and effectiveness of our approach, combining nature and science for better nasal health.


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