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Bianca: About ten years ago I had a cold and bought a bottle of nasal spray, xylometazoline, a name I could barely pronounce. The saleswoman pointed me to the instructions and not to use them for more than eight days. I also said that after those eight days I would actually like to be better and so was no longer necessary.

I did not recover and bought another bottle. Over the years I had these bottles everywhere, 1 on the bedside table, 1 in my jacket pocket, 1 in my bag, in short, I did not leave the house without that bottle! Used it daily and for years, I even went to different drug stores and pharmacies every week, but at one point the drug store even asked if I hadn’t become a little addicted to that spray. I had also had several other sprays from the doctor to try to get rid of the xylometazoline, the name that I now effortlessly mention but all without result.

A friend pointed me to a message on facebook two months ago, she said, you should read Bianca you can really get rid of your addiction.
I was very skeptical but if it doesn’t work then it won’t hurt I thought. I ordered a bottle of Capsinol the mild form!

Fast delivery so try it out quickly, tears came to my eyes after trying the first sprays.

I wanted to persevere and try to get rid of the xylometazoline. The first three days I had used the xylametazoline there, but not after those three days.

After a month I also reduced the Capsinol and now I go outside without a nasal spray, only in the living room is a bottle of Capsinol and I use it once a day every other day or two. As soon as I think I need a nasal spray, I take the Capsinol. Sometimes with tears in the eyes of the peppers, but I am so happy how far I have come, I can rightly say that I have gotten rid of my nasal spray addiction.

Thank you very much Capsinol.