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Mylene: I have been suffering from idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold) for 10 years. This started around my 30’s ste , I suddenly got a bad cold. Since I never had a cold before, I thought it had something to do with the respiratory tract, or that it might be a certain allergy. I went to the doctor and after all the skin and blood tests I did, unfortunately nothing came out. Every test was negative.

No diagnosis yet

Because with this research I still did not get any further with what it could be, I started looking further. I came across an article somewhere about dairy products could possibly be the cause and I used it every day. So after reading this article I stopped buying and using dairy products. But despite that, there was still no improvement …

Finally a diagnosis, idiopathic rhinitis

I then started on antihistamine, a medicine for allergic reactions. But this didn’t catch on and so I doubled the doses on certain days. When I heard that it was actually very bad for you if you doubled (or tripled) something like that and could even end badly, I immediately stopped. I then consulted several allergists and ENT doctors who eventually diagnosed idiopathic rhinitis (chronic cold). This is a nasal mucus infection. Unfortunately they could not do anything for me and I was at my wits end. I was anything but happy about the message: ‘We can’t do anything for you’. This increased the stress that I already had, and it only made the inflammation worse.

A diagnosis now, but how to proceed

I tested, unsuccessfully, a homeopathic remedy and then an osteopathic remedy which did give me some relief. Unfortunately, I started all over again afterwards. When I came to an article about capsaicin having a positive effect on the nervous system, I started looking for this term. This brought me to the Capsinol website and after the stories I had read on their website I was very excited.

Capsinol brought the solution

I ordered the original and the mild version and I started with the mild one. In the end I quickly switched to the original version, because that felt a bit more pleasant in the nose. After using it for a while I was stunned! I no longer had a chronic cold. When I notice that I have to sneeze, I quickly grab Capsinol and spray once. Before I used this remedy it was impossible to stop sneezing and now after a spray in both nostrils I notice an immediate difference. I actually stop sneezing very quickly now and I am no longer as tired as before. I noticed that sneezing really exhausts you.

I always keep capsinol at hand and it goes with me everywhere, because I don’t want to feel the way I did before I discovered Capsinol. It is a natural product and without side effects. I am satisfied and I recommend it to everyone!