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I once told a friend that a very hot, tear-inducing Chinese meal gives me temporary relief from my symptoms. He tipped me off and said, “Try Capsinol. You can find it on the internet.”


I visited the top ENT allergist because pollen allergies were severely affecting my sinuses. When I got home, I looked up Capsinol. So, it turns out to be a spicy meal that you stick up your nose, but without the noodles.

30 years of searching for the right remedy

Over the past 30 years, I’ve tried just about everything that’s available. Day in and day out, I used a steroid spray along with too many antihistamines. I tried various nasal sprays, but none of them helped. Desensitization treatment didn’t do much for me either. 

Capsinol proves to be a gamechanger

Capsinol turns out to be a gamechanger because it really works. It provides significant relief. It works longer than the steroid spray and without the negative side effects. Yes, there is a slight shock from the chili pepper going up your nose, but it quickly dissipates. I find the relief well worth any slight discomfort. It’s definitely worth trying, and I highly recommend it.

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Capsinol as an official medication

I’m surprised that Capsinol is not on the list of official medications covered by the health service or insurance. It seems to work better than anything else.

Regards, Rob V. – Northern Ireland