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Since 2006, I have been experiencing respiratory problems and an allergic condition for which I take antihistamine medication throughout the year.


In late 2020, I had my first bout of Covid. It left me feeling extremely fatigued and exacerbated my breathing difficulties. Since then, I have been classified as a long Covid case, as my respiratory capacity has not fully recovered. I am under the care of a pulmonologist who monitors my condition.

During the past year, I experienced two more episodes of Covid, accompanied by cold symptoms and respiratory problems. During this time, I started a treatment with Ventolin and Seretide, and also used Allergodil nasal spray. Unfortunately, these medications did not significantly improve my breathing.

Capsinol Original

Since 2006, I have been dealing with a chronic stuffy nose, and over time, it hasn’t gotten any better. In September of this year, I switched to Capsinol Original formula. Initially, I had to get used to the tingling sensation of the pepper, but now it’s been fantastic!

Capsinol Nasal Oil

In November, I underwent cauterization, where the blood vessels in my nose were sealed by an ENT specialist on the recommendation of my pulmonologist. As a result, I couldn’t use Capsinol during the healing process, but instead, I used Capsinol Nasal Oil. Last week, I resumed using Capsinol. The effect is immediate and effective, and the tingling sensation in my nose is now very mild. Since then, my nose is no longer congested, and I can breathe better!

Lola, 35 years old